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A modern uniform, founded on the intricate cut, deconstruction, and upcycling of the post-Soviet heritage materials.

FORMÉS is inspired by a constantly changing human nature, where each garment is a balance of opposing elements – past and future, masculine and feminine, structure and fluidity.

Sustainability, refined style and asymmetric fit are key elements of the brand. Founded in 2019 by Maria Ossipovski and Oleg Trofimov, and supervised by Alice Lefons, Estonia-based FORMÉS evolves with each season, with a side of romanticism investigating new aesthetics based on rethinking the past.

The fundamentals of FORMÉS take inspiration from our origins life on the border of times, countries and mentalities, meaning being born in Estonia, when it was still Soviet Union, having Russian roots, and living in the times of world globalization, says Maria Ossipovsky, cofounder of the brand.

The brand (pronounced |fɔrˈmə:|) takes its name from French word meaning «shaped, skilled, trained.»

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